Admin Mode

Admin Mode in the Catalog App is a utility for administrators to browse the full App Catalog and additional app information.


In the sidebar you can browse through the following items:

  • All Apps: All apps available in the App Catalog

  • Recently Added: All apps added to the App Catalog in the last 90 days

  • Favorites: Apps you marked as favourite

  • Recently Updated: All apps updated by the vendor in the last 7 days

  • Developers: A list of all developers with apps in the App Catalog, identified by Developer Team ID

App Details

It provides the following information about apps and most of the details can be easily copied or downloaded:

  • App Icon: The app icon can be downloaded in an PNG format.

  • App description: A description about the app provided by the vendor. This provides a preview of the description shown in the Catalog App for users.

  • Bundle Identifier: The app's Bundle Identifier which is required to install apps using the Catalog Agent or provide to users in the Catalog App.

  • Developer Team ID: Apps which are signed using a Developer ID certificate, will show the Team ID from the vendor.

  • Code Requirement: Apps which are signed using a Developer ID certicate, will show the Code Requirement. This is usually needed for supporting Configuration Profiles for app that require a Privacy Preference Policy Control payload, such as Accessibility, Full Disk Access or other privacy controls.

  • Date Added: The date when the app was added to the App Catalog.

  • Current Version: The last detected version of an app, consider the latest version available from the vendor.

  • Date Updated: The date when a new version of the app was first detected by the App Catalog.

Below is an example of Admin Mode:

Enabling Admin Mode

Enabling or disabling Admin Mode can be done through the Catalog App settings, available by clicking on the Catalog application name in the Menu Bar next to the Appe-logo and choose Settings... or by using the shortcut: Command + ,

Enforce User Mode

You may not want users to access the Admin Mode. To achieve this, the AdminMode preference key is available to enforce User Mode through the Configuration Profile.

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