Introduction to App Catalog

Always up-to-date and fully automated. The App Catalog checks whether updates are available and installs applications without the intervention of an administrator.
Welcome to the App Catalog documentation! We're excited to help you streamline your app management process and simplify the installation and updating of applications on your macOS devices.
Here are the main App Catalog features:
  • 1000+ apps: Zero-touch packaging. The highest amount of available apps.
  • MDM integration: Integrates with most MDM-solutions (e.g. Jamf, Microsoft, Ivanti, VMware).
  • Catalog App: Give (standard) users the opportunity to install apps.
  • Update (un)managed apps: Provides apps with the latest updates through Machine Learning.
  • Catalog Agent: Flexibel command-line interface for installing and updating apps.
  • Accessibility: Increased accessibility with Voice Control and VoiceOver.
Last modified 1mo ago